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When you create your account, you must log in for the first time within 3 days. Accounts that are created but not accessed within this time are deleted. Once you log in for the first time, you must log in at least once every month.

First, check to make sure that the email from MyGRETutor has not been shuffled into your spam or junk folder of your email account. The quickest solution is for you to create a new account. If you absolutely want to get into your old account, please contact us.

GRE Simulation Exams

The structure of the GRE revised test has two verbal and two math sections. The first of each of those sections is standardized, meaning that everybody sees the same 20 questions. The questions in the second of each of the math and verbal sections are chosen based on your success on the first section. In MyGRETutor, among the four math and verbal sections for a simulation practice exam, the question pool size is approximately 200 questions. Questions that appear in the simulation exams are not offered as practice questions, so questions are not repeated.

The raw scores are computed by simply adding the number of questions that you have answered correctly. But it is not that simple, because the difficulty of the questions in each of the second math and verbal sections are determined by your success on the first of those sections. Two people, who score vastly differently on the first of the math and verbal sections, will receive questions in the second section that are quite different. We take that into account when we calculate a raw score. The percentile rank is a comparison of your score against all other users who have taken the same practice test and who have been given questions of comparable difficulty in the second of the math and verbal sections.

Yes. You can review ALL of the questions that you have seen in the practice tests. Just as is the case with the practice questions, the questions in the practice tests are accompanied with hints and explanations, which you can view AFTER you have completed a section.

Your score is based on your percentile rank. And especially if you did very well on the first verbal or math section, and subsequently received very difficult questions in the second math or verbal section, then even if you get several questions wrong, but your percentile rank is still be high, then your score will be high, also.

The questions for each practice test are drawn from a question pool specific for that test. If you were to retake a test, then you might see a question that you've already seen, which would both invalidate your test and invalidate the question because the statistics for that question would become inaccurate. Therefore, we do not reset practice tests.

No. We do not (and simply, cannot) show you those questions that you did not get to on a GRE practice test. It is our policy.

Payment and Cost for using MyGRETutor

No ... and yes. The first simulation exam, and the first few practice questions in each category, are free. Thereafter, access to simulation exams 2 through 4, and the remainder of the almost 800 practice questions cost $16.99, payable via PayPal.

You do not need a PayPal account to purchase full access to MyGRETutor. However, all purchases are made via the PayPal interface. After you follow the payment link to the PayPal website, you can opt to pay with a credit card, without using a PayPal account.

Practice questions

You cannot reset the practice questions, but you can review all of the questions that you have seen. From the Practice Questions page, click the Review button for the section that you want to review, and select from the numbered list the question that you'd like to see.

We get this question several times each week. Frankly, it appears that many people just don't know their own strengths and weaknesses. We keep track of how many times a question has been seen, and how many times it has been answered correctly. Sometimes, a person will tell us that a question is "too easy," even though fewer than 25% of all students answered it correctly. At other times, people who are not familiar with a specific concept that is required to answer a question will tell us that the question was "impossible," even though the question might have a correct response rate of 70%. We remove all questions that are TOO easy, or TOO hard, as determined using the correct percentage answer rate. So, if you think that a question is too easy, then don't blame us! Rather, congratulate yourself or thank your high school or college instructors, who obviously taught you well!

Vocabulary Tutor

The vocabulary tutor keeps track of the words that you've seen. If you correctly choose the definition to a vocabulary word, myGRETutor.com remembers that word. If you select the "Show Me Words I've Seen But Haven't Mastered" option, you'll be presented with words that you've gotten right at least 2 days ago or prior. If you again correctly select the definition to the vocabulary word, that word will be placed in your mastered list.